Rogue Architect

Steels on structural calcs plans are:
[email protected] (222kg) - ridge beam
[email protected] (225kg)
[email protected] (271kg)
[email protected] (294kg)
[email protected] (294kg)
[email protected] (160kg)
[email protected] (55kg) - supporting column for ridge

Moving these around is not going to be fun.
To lift the big one I've worked out you need min 5 men, although its only the ridge we need to lift up, the rest can be slid and levered into position.

In regard to my architects work, when the plans had been approved I asked if I could have a copy of the DWG files (to archive), but he declined. I have worked in the digital asset industry for years - and we are expected to hand off assets to the customer who pays us to create it in the first place. His reason was the amount of work he had put into them, but surely thats what he's paid to do ... does he have any legitimate claim to not hand them over. If he needs to remove text from the BC plans before sending that would fine.

Regarding the warm decked flat roof, the plans do not have the 115mm Celotex Tempcheck deck included in the drawings ... I have spoken to the LC building control officer who says that sometimes that is not included on plan by architects, any idea why not ?

Contacted my BC officer at my LC, he seems happy in view of the need to resubmit plans, to let me proceed with existing plans whilst approval is sought on the revised plans.
Would i be right in thinking of my BC officer as a help, rather than be an obstacle.
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I asked if I could have a copy of the DWG files (to archive), but he declined. I have worked in the digital asset industry for years - and we are expected to hand off assets to the customer who pays us to create it in the first place.

You have no rights to the CAD file unless you stated that in your contract and paid for the privilege

You paid for a set of plans - paper copies. Not a digital file

Why can't you just accept a pdf file for your archive?

I will never ever hand over a CAD file to anyone for any amount. The next thing you know its being copied and sold on
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Yes, the plans up the road use the spine wall, with only half the steels ! New floor joists spanning beside (and strapped to) existing ceiling joists (allowing a bit extra ceiling height with 25mm deflection) .
I did question the structural engineers in view of my near neighbours recent loft, and they felt having this many steels would distribute the load better, I thought yes, the load of all these bloody steels !!! I'd like to know how much influence the architect had in specifying.

In view of the set of plans I have at present, who really would want to buy a copy of these anyway LOL ??.
But I accept its a contract issue whether you get plans or not, thanks for your opinion.
I'm sure this point has been argued to death in courts all over the land. My difficulty with this approach is that it binds me to this one 'rogue' architect for any future work, unless i wish to pay to have the property redrawn all again by someone else, which is what will most likely happen - as I dont really want anything further do do with my present 'architect' once he's put right the dodgy set of plans I have now.

Any good books on Autocad you can recommend ... I joke, one day maybe though ...
Do you have the .pdf files?

There is software available that will convert .pdf files to .dxf

As for the steels, how many are in the floor and how many are in the roof?
Do the steels rest on the flank and party walls?
Aye full version of Adobe will generally convert them back to a CAD file unless they have been locked (unlikely).
I asked if I could have a copy of the DWG files (to archive), but he declined.

Unless you have a written contract which specifies the transfer of the intellectual property to you then he owns the design and understandably will not release anything other than a paper copy to you.

Does the plan have a copyright statement on it?
Yes he sent me PDF's, no there is no copyright notice on the plans.

.pdf to .dxf conversion worked - thanks !, imported into Sketchup OK - but obviously its only 2D, I assume my 'architect' would design in 3D ?? dont know. At least if he gets difficult I can work with these and amend them for Plannings cert of lawfullness application.
Cant see in Acrobat where to save as .dxf ??

I am hoping BC are happy for me to work off of the revised Planning plans and approve onsite the small changes to volume, do they autonomy to work like this - in view of the heavy duty floor structure - would the extra 200mm height and 500mm width of the dormer invoke the need for revised structural calcs ?.

There are five steels for the floor, and one for the ridge, with a supporting column.

I can see no specifiation for the rafters in the front sloping roof, he's specified the insulation - but not the timber sizing, I would be right to think that it should be indicated on the BC plans ??
The presence of a copyright symbol or statement is irrelevant, its just really a reminder. The drawings/design will still be copyright protected

Now that you have unlawfully (without permission?) converted the pdf files to CAD and are using them, then you know why designers are reluctant to give away their work, and it shows your actual motive for your request of the dwg file in the first place - not to archive but to use

I go to great extremes to prevent even pdf's being converted, and your designer has slipped up there
Not looking to RIP anyone's copyright, just want to get my loft Plans resubmitted, legal and ready use - not something I have yet to recieve, and looking for solutions if my architect gets difficult and refuses to cooperate, which on past experience he will be.

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