13 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
So, another chance for Err in Doors to have a pop about not foreseeing the impending Coronavirus and it's it's effects on the Dust Mask Industry.

Boris says construction sites can open etc etc. So I've just been online to get some Filters for my HSE approved dust mask "No" Out of Stock, everything is either Out of Stock or no online ordering or and no telephone ordering or no new customers will be served, I think I've searched everywhere.

The curious thing is this, my dust mask is FACE approved I use the JSP Press to Check Filters FFP3 - I goes on Fleebay and there are loads at hugely inflated prices "Profiteering".

Suspicion kicks in so I spend the next hour trying to identify sellers to try and link them back to the online sites which are Out of Stock, fancying a bit of retribution - "Waste of Time"

It does somewhat irk me that something so neccasary for our industry is mostly unavailable unless we are happy getting shafted on Fleebay. Rant Over.
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For your information.

If you ring a company which is Out of Stock and explain your a Tradesman and can prove it, you will learn they are Out of Stock for Public Consumption.
Welcome to my world. These have been unavailable to us through our two trade suppliers since early March. Despite the fact that we have to use them by law. Our suppliers know that we are trade because we have trade accounts with them......
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JobAndKnock, like wise, all the companies I have trade accounts with don't have any .