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3 Jan 2011
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United Kingdom
A sorbus tree (chinese lace) I planted in my back garden about three years ago has succumbed to some form of basal root rot and I'll dig it out soon. Is it wise to plant another tree in it's place even if I avoid another sorbus? Would it help to dig out a lot of surrounding soil and dispose or should I give up on this area and not plant anything?

Advice much appreciated.
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Dig out and replace lots of the surrounding soil, add soil conditioner / manure to improve the quality and then replant.
you need to try and identify the cause, was it honey or other type of fungus? were there any fungii growing around the base?
was it honey or other type of fungus? were there any fungii growing around the base?

I posted photos of the sickly sorbus last year on another website (can't remember which) and asked what was wrong. The replies I received told me it was a type of basal root rot (exact type undefined).

I'll try to dig out (ouch!) the photo's and repost here. Basically, there was no sign of any fungal growth above ground level although there were weals (if that's the right word) and splits on the main trunk and some side branches. There was significant white powdery-looking mould on the roots/stem below ground level (I only dug down about 20cm).

I think there is an area of my garden that has honey fungus. I'm now careful not to move soil around the garden at all but I may have done so years ago without realising the consequences of what I was doing. This 'dodgy' area is successfully planted with bamboo and is fortunately the lowest lying area in the garden (just).
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If there is no obvious fungal problem i would simply try and improve the drainage. Mountain ash grow naturally on well drained slopes so don't like the wet ground.

That's about the height of my knowledge, maybe worth asking on a dedicated horticulture site for more expertise but sounds like you already tried that.

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