Salus thermostat Eratic

11 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi helpers its Been a while since I was last on so hello to all

Ok boiler. Glow worm lexicon 15 hx

Wireless salus RT 300 RF thermostat
At the moment the thermostat keeps cutting out the boiler even though it has not reached the required temperature on the heating
EG if the room temp is 22 deg and I set the thermo to 23 deg it will not start the boiler
It does eventually but it only stays on a little while
The boiler is set at 82 deg it doesn't reach nowhere near that
It heats the water no problem
Thank you PM
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What happens if you set the Stat 3 or 4 degrees above the actual temp? To be honest In My opinion salus is cheap Tat, and problematic.
I could drop a fart from here and interrupt a Salus' operation in Cambridgeshire.


Had to fit two RT10 24v units this week. Wiring diagram on PCB doesn't match the booklet.

No mention of linking terminals (although had the arrows in the booklet matched the PCB I might have twigged sooner).
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Thank you for all your prompt answers just done another test..

Temp 20 deg. Put stat on 23 deg came on went off after 2 mins !
Then turned back on again after 3 mins but not for long

Latest put heating on at 0758 fired up at 0802 went off again at 0806
Nowhere near the stat set at 24 deg

Dilalio ..Nothing has changed in my house re wifi etc had the salus from new for 2 years
Will try what you suggested did think about doing that if you say its easy
It's not just your house that can affect it! Neighbours, phone masts, 4g network expansion!
As I said easy & worth a try... I had problems with mine... Heating firing up at odd times etc and that sorted it. They are crap but not had issues since changing the jumpers!
Ok thanks will give it a go later and report back

I havent really taken much notice of the wall control but both the red and green lights are both on
And the heating/ water are both off
Ive turned it off then back on just the red light is on now
Is your Salus fitted too close to a radiator?

Look into changing the jumper blocks on the Salus RF. It is quite common that the factory set frequency on which it operates can be interfered with by various other household signals such as wifi network, mobile phones etc.
It's simple to do before investigating further...

Changed the jumpers as you advised and it seems to have worked. Didnt want to post too soon in case it never worked! But after a few days all is well Thank you P M

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