Central Heating Wireless Thermostat Problems

5 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi All
i have recently had a new boiler installed to replace my older one which was beginning to break frequently after 13 years.

the new boiler (Glow worm ultracom 30) has been working perfectly except the wireless thermostat is a bit of a problem

the thermostat is a Salus RT305TX and the receiver is RXRT505.

all worked fine for about 2 weeks but then the thermostat keep loosing RF. there will be times when the thermostat is calling for heat but the receiver will not turn the boiler on as the green light on the receiver stays off. in other words, even though the thermostat is calling for heat, the receiver does not see it and the green indicator light stays off. i have to go and play with it ie increase and decrease the set point temperature to force the thermostat to send a signal to the receiver. this sometimes works for a while before the link is lost again.

also although the set temperture may be reached, sometimes the flame indicator on the thermostat stays on but the receiver will be off.

i thought this might be a battery issue so i replaced with new batterys but the problem continues. i have reset the thermostat but no joy.

my questions are:
-are these known issues with these salus wireless thermostats?
-can they be fixed by changing the address on the back or is a waste of time?
-should i just give up on the wireless and just have a hard wired thermostat?
-anyone with esperience of similar issues with wireless thermostats and especially the typre am using now?

thank you
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What batteries did you use?

Is there a clear line between stat and receiver with no large metallic objects in the way?

You could try changing the address, just in case something is causing intereference. However, it's a Salus. More than likely you will be wrenching it from the wall and depositing in the nearest bin. If you change stat and are able to wire one direct to boiler without too much demolition - always the most reliable way of controlling temps. Or get a better RF unit.
Salus have an excellent technical support helpline, give them a ring and explain whats happening and they will be able to guide you better.
thanks both. i used Duracell batterys. there is a wall between the boiler and the thermostat.
distance between the boiler and thermostat is about 15ft.

thank you :(
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Similar issues here. Since fitting a salus, often the CH will not come on in the AM and the boiler needs to be reset. Also it takes a long time to get to temperàture.
My next plan is to remove and try it without it, THEn deposit in the nearest bin.
ha. Looks like they are not reliable then. i wonder why boiler engineers are still fitting them. they are likely cheap but if they are not reliable, then the engineer keeps being called back (within warrantee), so i dont really know why these are being fitted.
after spending a lot of money on a new boiler, the last thing i needed was an unrealiable thermostat.
i have changed the address . fingers crossed now... thank you all for the advice.

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