Samsung freezer ice maker issue

13 Mar 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi, I recently noticed that my Samsung ice maker had stopped producing ice. I have been messing with it trying different things like the test button for days now and wanted to ask on here before i bite the bullet and purchase a new ice maker unit. From what i can gather, when i press the test button it puts water into the tray and the fingers that eject the ice when ready rotate round to the start position, and that is where they stay. They are not pushing the cubes out once they are set. I have read that once they set the tray is supposed to warm up slightly to release them from the tray so the arm can push them out, im wondering if it is this function that is no longer working.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest any other tests to try or if anyone has had this issue before.
I believe the model number is RSH7UNBP and it is about 10 years old

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Update, the heating part is definitely working as I've just burnt my finger on it
So what is happening is it's putting water into the tray, freezing into cubes, then heating up, presumably to release them but the arm that pushes them out isn't coming round to lift them out so they are just melting back to liquid. I have seen the arm do a full cycle on test mode so I know it works it just doesn't seem to want to go round when the cubes are ready to be removed.
Update, in case anyone else ever comes across this issue.
I took the ice maker unit out and took the casing off to find the cog that turns the arm that ejects the ice cubes had a couple of teeth broken off so it wasn't allowing it to eject the ice. I managed to 3d print a new one and I'm back up and running again.
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ours did fail under warranty but last time it stopped I found a reset process on YouTube. Think there’s a hidden button.
looks like you found and fixed meanwhile.

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