Samsung fridge freezer funny noise

3 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
Our side by side fridge freezer (RS21DCSV1) has started to make a terrible rattling motor noise. The noise is coming from the fridge section. I am pretty sure it's the fan in the fridge, behind the panel at the back. When you open the fridge door, the noise stops. It almost sounds as though something is touching the fan blades. Cooling seems ok on both fridge & freezer. It's just over a year old.

Any ideas ?
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If this is a frost free fridge, it sounds like you are getting a build up of ice and the fan is catching the ice. the fridge may not be defrosting itself correctly. If you can try and turn the fridge off for an hour or so, to defrost the coil, if the problem persists it could be a dodgy fan motor or a heater problem not defrosting the coil :)
Tried that already - defrosted for 2 hours. Chilled water started running, even blew hair drier into the vents at the back but very little defrost water came out.

I will have to empty the freezer for a longer defrost.
- how long does it take to defrost the fridge section ? if there is ice behind the panel.
Just noticed, the fridge is not cooling very well.
Freezer section is holding steady.
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Update : After a complete defrost over 24 hours, FF is running normally again. Will observe how long it lasts. Yes it does have a 2 year warantee.
If the evaporator fan blade is hitting ice, then simply defrosting the fridge will eliminate the symptom, but not the problem.

You see, frost is always going to form on the coldest part of the fridge, and that would be the evaporator coil. If there's any ice near the fan, the air flow over it would normally remove that H2O so that it's eventually redeposited back onto the evaporator coil.

But, if your fridge is defrosting normally, and the drain hole in the drip pan under the evaporator is clogged up, then the melt water will accumulate, and that would explan why there's ice near the fan blades.

If the problem returns, what you'll need to do is look in your freezer compartment for a removable panel which will allow you access to the evaporator coil, and clear the drain hole in the drip pan under that coil. This is typically done by just pushing a wire into that drain hole to break through the clog and get things flowing again.

And, on General Electric 12 cubic foot fridges, one of the problems is that the styrofoam housing that sits under the evaporator coil can become waterlogged with melt water. If that happens, then the drain hole in the drip pan under the evaporator becomes repeatedly clogged by ice.

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