Sanding new oak worktop before oiling

21 Feb 2014
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United Kingdom
Ive just installed a brand new oak worktop. unfortunately the edges of the joins are a millimeter or two out due to the tops being ever so slightly different thicknesses etc.

I was wanting advice on how to smooth these down.

Should I hand sand with block (120, 240 or 320 grit?)
Should I use a linear sander with one or all above grits?
should i use a small orbital sander?

im worried I might catch an edge if i sand by hand and tear some of the wood strips

I have bought some good quality danish oil to go on after the sanding, should i wipe down with anything first like white spirit?


Image of the worktop so far:

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Hand plane then belt sander starting at 80 grit and working to 120 before hand finishing. Oak is an open pore timber so going beyond 180 grit is probably a waste of effort - you aren't sanding a car body or Corian! Wipe down with a cloth damped with white spirit to remove dust when finished
My next door neighbour had a similar problem, and I used a palm sander with 60 grit, then 120, 180, and then finally 240 on a hand sander in the direction of the grain. I'd never done it before so took it cautiously, but it came up a treat. Be careful to stay on the high side of the joint though.
My next door neighbour had a similar problem, and I used a palm sander.
You must have a lot of patience - to me life is too short and in any case orbital sanders always seem to leave swirls marks to my eye
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I did say I was being cautious because I hadn't done it before, but it didn't take too long, and the swirls was why I hand finished in the direction of the grain. Next time I'll follow your tip and use the belt sander, thanks for the suggestion as I may have another one to do soon.
I generally do the heavy work with a hand plane (not a power planer - too difficult to control finely) because unlike a sander it won't dub over the edge on a raised joint. I understand why many DIYers really reluctant to plane stuff given the poor quality of lower cost planes combined with a lack of knowledge on how to sharpen
id defo bodge it with a plane, i cant plane a door let alone a work top lol. the sanders seem like the option to me as a little easier for a DIYer to get right.


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