sanding wall chases

21 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom

I'm preparing some walls that have had chasing done to them and the chases were covered with plaster and skimmed.

I've been told i need to sand around the chase. Any tips for doing this?
The skimmed bits are really smooth whilst the existing skim / plaster is a bit rougher.

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id get some easyfill and cover the chase and the surrouding wall for say 2-3 inches with a very thin coat. let it dry then sand with 120 grit green paper or finer and you get a great finish.
Use plasterboard jointing compound for small patching jobs like this, it works out much cheaper than ready mixed fillers and is very easy to sand. I've worked on hundreds of refurbs where this was all the site plasterers used though they called it aims, no idea why though?
I use it all the time. Wickes own brand is the best I've used. 25 kilos for about £5.50.
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Where do you get this from joe-90 apart from stating the obvious "Wickes" ,just what I need at the moment but searching their site only brings up the ready made compound £12.99 for 10 kg ,not the powder form your talking about joe ? Desperate to find some asap to patch up my new skim to old skim edges :)
A simple "yes it is available in bags" even though it's not on the web site or "don't use the powder because" would have been nice guys ,not start a war with each other but leave no answers for me, need some by tomorrow by the latest ,and will eventually need quite a lot as I go through my house, room by room . Gyproc joint cement is some £25 locally but think B & Q had joint filler for about £7 a bag ,don't know how far 12 kg of ready mixed would do compared to 25 kg of powder ?
It's in Wickes shops next to the plasterboard. Try a bag for a fiver and see how you go. It's far better than the B&Q stuff that is just too soft to be of any use. I've used it for years, got a bag in the shed right now. Last used it the day before yesterday.
I have used it Joe; maybe you're using a better brand than the one I used but I still prefer the ready mixed stuff.
Are we talking jointing compound or plasterboard adhesive joe, that's the only thing in Wickes next to the plasterboard ,that's 25 kg for £5.65 of the adhesive, at the Ipswich branch, they didn't have the ready mixed jointing compound so couldn't compare anything against each other, if so what consistency are you mixing it to ,and what to apply with, caulking spreader ? How long before its safe to sand up ? Thanks if you can help.
Yeah just the plain old adhesive. If you look at the back of the pack you will see it says can be 'used as general purpose filler'. I mix it up a bit thicker than polyfiller so that if you chuck it at a wall it will stick. Leave it to dry (however long that takes) and sand with green sandpaper (about 80 grit then 120 grit). Apply it with a plastic filler knife thingy whatever really.
Thanks joe, thought I'd read somewhere that you could use the adhesive as a filler, but you know how it is,when you search for it again you can never find that same post again, I bought a bag so can now apply it to my edges ,if it was the wrong stuff I'd have taken it back and pleaded that I was a raving lunatic and needed to change it for something else :LOL: :LOL: .
For best results, paint dilute PVA onto your plaster to stop it drawing all the moisture out of the adhesive/filler.
I use Gyproc Easifil for all my filling/small skims as well as taping P/B joints - dries very quickly (as soon as it goes white you can work on it), no shrinkage and sands a treat.

Prices vary (wildly!) I'm getting 10Kg for £12.50 at Leylands, meanwhile Keyline are asking just short of £20 (thieving wossnames!).

Possibly not the cheapest material I could use, but does the job consistently and well.

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