Scenic Heater Fan Problem

16 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi i have a 53 plate scenic ll. ive recently been having problems with the blower?some days it has worked on all speeds then suddenly it was as if it had tripped.

its not worked for over 3 months then we had a cold frost last night and this morniing it worked again, but then soon stopped.

the aircon etc all seems to work as it should, but it seems that its just the fan that doesnt, when it has worked its worked on all speeds.

could this be the pressure sensor?? or does anyone have any ideas, i just dont fancy paying through the noise for something that might be simple?

thanks for your help guys
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Check for a dirty/corrosion on the fuse connections. If not probably the fan motor has a fault, or a bad earth to the motor.

You could always try a "wriggle test" on the wiring. Leave it switched on (with the ignition on but the engine stopped) and move the wiring loom around the heater to see if it kicks back into life.

It cant be much when it works and then stops working.
thanks il check that tomorrow? where can i find the fuse?? i have a haynes will that be able to show me?

as the fan stops theres a small noise, like ive said its like its tripping
it will be the heater resistor. always is. the wiring harness multiplug melts. you get a modified loom and resistor. about 60 quid from renault, but a complete pain to fit. can be done through a hole in dash next to speedo area. takes me about 40 mins.
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as above or it might be (if they have them?)be the hedgehog adjuster.

Il go and speak to renault, i dont get why we should always pay for a design fault,does anyone know what renault would charge to fit?? or is it easy enought to fit yourself

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