Scratches & Marks On New Double Glazing

2 Jul 2010
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United Kingdom

I have just had some double glazing installed and on several windows there are some scratches and marks on the "gap" side of the glass that is inaccessible.

What level of tolerance should there be regarding marks and scratches to the glass? For example is it acceptable to have small smears like a fingerprint and small marks etc?

The contractor is replacing some of the sealed glazing units but they are the ones with some 2mm to 3mm scratches to the inner gap face of the glass. Some other panes that I have not raised an issue about have small marks on the inner surface and before I raise it with the contractor I wondered what is an acceptable level.

Also, one one on the window frames there are 3 or 4 indents or surface gouges in the upvc between 1cm and 2cm long. Are these acceptable defects associated with transport, handling and installation?

Some of the issues are known to the contractor and are being dealt with, however, before I raise any further points I would like to find out what is reasonable and what is being "too picky"

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If it was me I wouldn't want to accept any marks, scratches or gouges at all, the windows are shipped with a film on them for a reason, it makes that a mockery if they were to say a few gouges here and there was acceptable. If they are reasonable they will be happy to replace. They'll be bugging you everywhere you even glance at the windows for ever more if you don't say something!

Thx for the reply, it reinforces my own view but I needed to make sure that I was not being too fussy.

There are guidelines as to what is deemed acceptable. I think its if you stand 3m back from the window and can't see the marks then they are acceptable and its the 'GGF' that set out these guidelines.

However, i think these just include floors in the glass through the floating process and not fingerprints, scuffs etc etc, i would ring the GGF to find out, also if the installer is a member then im sure they'd be interested to hear from you, forget FENSA.....ring the GGF!

As for scratches in the pvc itself then if ithey weren't too big i'd accept them, i recently fitted a rosewood window and when peeling the thick white protective tape i saw 2 dirty great big gouges in the frame, these were under the tape so would of been there since extrusion, wasn't happy as now the whole frame has to come out again.
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Thanks for the tip re the GGF, I found their website and the guidelines document and it explains what is acceptable and what is not.

Generally, the GGF indicate that if a mark is on the non cavity face of the glass and viewable from 2m (3m toughened glass) then it is deemed not acceptable. Defects on the cavity face of the glass such as fingerprints, smudges and marks are all deemed not acceptable.


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