Screen wash pump...

11 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
..... with 2 outlets , to front and rear. Apparently if the pump turns one way , it washes the front screen, reverse the polarity and it washes the rear screen. How does that work? Has the pump got 2 chambers?
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A Renault one I looked at had a ball in a small chamber acting as a valve, depending on which way the pump was spinning. Seemed to work well enough!
John :)
Top picture is the impeller spinning anti-clockwise, bottom pic is clockwise.

Little flexible diaphragm moves to either side...

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My new pump arrived so I pulled out the old one expecting to get an armful of water. Nothing came out ! Pulled out the grommet sealing the pump into the tank and it has a filter which was totally blocked with blue jelly slime..... I'm assuming Volvo screenwash reacts with the cheap Carplan stuff I use. I always keep my screenwash tank full to the max as I thought that might prevent slime forming, obviously not.