Securing rainfall shower head and shower head outlet

9 Feb 2014
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United Kingdom

I have just finished all of the plumbing for my new bathroom. The shower includes a concealed mixer with a couple of outlets, one is a rainfall shower head and the other is a regular shower head. I have plumbed in the pipes for the two outlets and have clipped them in place and terminated them with a 15mm female connector (the connector has screw holes to secure it to the wall if necessary.

My question is, should I secure the female connector to the wall, or is it standard practice to just leave the pipe leading to it clipped in place so as to allow a bit of movement of the head when it comes to finally screwing the fittings in place?

Having not done this before I realise that I will have to enclose the pipe-work prior to installing the fixings, so getting it wrong could end up costly especially if I discover it is wrong after having tiled!

Thanks for your help.


PS – this is the head I am using -
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