Securing the top of two large gates.

12 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom
One thing I havent quite finished is securing the middle of these two gates together.

Ive got a drop bolt at the bottom of the main gate, and could secure the bottom of the side gate to this, but the top needs some way of securing them together so they dont chatter about in the wind and Im stuggling to think up a solution particularly as they dont meet straight on.

The small gate is an old gate lashed up to fit the space, but I can/could/would remake it to meet better if needed, and or with a flange to meet up against.

98% of the time the gates dont move, but it has to be fairly convinient to open them as and when I do need to get the trailer out, and it would be nice if when working on the garden I could open and close just the small gate and latch it from either side.


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What about, if I did make a proper jam on the gates so the small one closed onto the larger gate, and then had a big overcenter latch pulling them into each other?

Something like this only three times the size

Can you hinge the little gate off the large one?
Can you hinge the little gate off the large one?
I have thought about doing that, partularly as I did think it would be nice to have the option to also be able to have it in the 'inward position' as well as as in the photo (ie, less space inside the gate, more space outside) .

However, equally, you would then still have to be able to secure the small gate to the small gate post somehow.

And also, as the large gate is 12ft, another 3.5ft of the end of that, is starting to be a fair thing!

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OK I see your point, could you hinge the little one on the wall side and use ordinary bolts top and bottom to the big gate?

Just an example

I think the bolt will fit onto the small gate, leaving the bolt level with the frame of the big one. This will allow you to screw the horseshoe to the large gate frame?
You will have to mount the bolt at an angle onto the small gate (cutting a slot in the gate for the frame of the bolt to fit into), this will allow the bolt to be level/inline with the larger gate frame.

Hope this makes sense?

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