service for vauxhall zafira

17 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi I have a Vauxhall zafira 1.8 auto
And at the last mot I was told that the service was due and it needed all the fluids changed and a new timing belt,
They wanted to charge me over £300 for the service the mileage is 45,000 I have no problems doing the oil, break fluid, auto oil etc
But not sure how difficult a job it is to do the timing belt ??????
So advice is needed please.
Or could I get away with it for a little longer ?
Can anyone list what’s included in this service and how difficult a job it would be to do it myself.
Many thanks
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Your service book should tell you when each service is due and what's included in each service.
But what could I get away with as a minimum
And I was more concerned about the timing belt
Is it an easy job ???
Or could I get away with it for a little longer ?
How much would I expect to pay from an independent garage ?
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Can be done DIY but if you get something wrong it will be very expensive to fix!
48k is about the norm for timing belts, but i've known cars done 130k still running the same belt from new. Case of taking a chance really, keeping in mind that if it goes you'll be buying a new engine.
I would say parts would be £70 tops, and a couple of hours labour so probably up to £200 at an independant garage (ish)