vauxhall zafira diesel engine light comes on then goes off

24 Apr 2008
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UK, Wittering, West Sussex
United Kingdom
1.9 diesel
140,000 miles

slight oil leak - seen very slightly on the floor only a few drops occasionally.

post here //
but as a new issue - thought I would start a new thread

i'm keeping an eye on the oil , its not going down much more than normal usage
But the engine light comes on and then goes off , only happened a couple of times

I put one of these readers you can buy on and no codes show up

can a vauxhall dealer get any info on what may be the cause of the engine light - problem is my other half is going away in it on Saturday for a week to Devon (250miles away)

i'm try calling a dealer tomorrow - but want to make sure Its some thing they have a chance of looking into

the car runs fine , and nothing really noticeable
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have you tried the brake test as that also tell you fault code incase the reader not working
i put my foot on brake and on accelerator - turned the key to get the lights on the dash

and nothing happened - no lights flashed

the odmeter was dim - no ecn or number reading

am i doing it right

Not sure how true all this is - but heres an update anyway

talked to some people this morning - and basically as i have a code reader , which said no codes , then its unlikely they will find any stored codes - if there was a stored code , they could find more info.

but they cannot see the car until Tuesday

my local garage suggests it maybe a sensor and if it just comes on/off its going to be difficult to isolate without the codes and if the car seems to run or slight lose of power, it may go into limp mode while the light is on -so maybe a small lose of power ,but that is not due to fault - just due to the limp mode

so basically sounds like I need to wait for a breakdown or a fault code

Ihave contacted a local garage in devon, to see what happens and how they handled breakdown towed in - so they seemed great and helpful

so i will send her on her way to devon and see what happens

thanks again
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Most cheap hand held readers won't connect with certain cars, you will need to get it plugged in to a more sophisticated tool.
Try out an owners forum as the chances are someone near you may be able to help, failing that there are some versions of opcom a laptop based diagnostic package available on a well known auction site.
Thanks for that

it went into limp mode today for about a mile and then was fine - could be anything really

I'll get the codes checked on Monday down in Devon, half the price then here
yep thought so

I had cleaned all that and manifold about 30K ago
cars doen 146K now

so I just went out and a play 20mins ago
the valve stuck open/closed (not sure which) when i pushed it back and forth
so i have used WD40 on it and also on the air valve flap that had an issue a while back

Its going to a repair place in Devon Monday morning - so long as it makes it there
for them to read the codes and have a look - they are half the price of my local repair shop and the dealer was silly prices £52.20 + vat to read the codes

any other tips before she goes - all welcome

great forum, have excellent advice and fast responses here
They clog up pretty quickly and benefit from removal to clean thoroughly with some carb spray cleaner. Wd40 wont get much off.
no the WD40 was just the moving parts - last time I used, i did use Carb Cleaner
but it was pretty empty after 120K - not a great deal clogged up really

my saab EGR was 10 times worse after only 40K!!!!!!! and i cleaned all that and the throttle , which needed masses of cleaning

The garage found codes
P0105 & P1105 stored

They suggested that the stuck EGR valve / or paddle i WD40 may have been the issue. And so at the moment do not suggest replacing anything as it could be a number of things causing that code NOT just the EGR valve.

They also looked at the oil leak , which is getting worse over the weekend , dropped oil on the house in Devon

so they have cleaned the engine and now looking to see if a rocker cover gasket issue - and if so will replace it

Shame my reader , which works on live mode - cannot see any of these codes !!!!!

they have reset the codes -so wait to see what today brings
P0105 is a boost pressure issue. I would clean the MAP sensor first and also the air flow sensor (the one on the big air intake pipe) and also of course check your air filter. Also check vacuum pipes for splits on the ends. This problem can be difficult to track down.
Thanks for the reply - The problem has gone since using some WD40 on the valve mech and freeing it up

also since the rocker gasket was changed back a few weeks ago - despite a lot of mileage 4-600 a week, its not using hardly any oil now :)

thanks again
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