Zafria 1.9 Diesel rocker gasket replacement


The garage found codes
P0105 & P1105 stored

They suggested that the stuck EGR valve / or paddle i WD40 may have been the issue. And so at the moment do not suggest replacing anything as it could be a number of things causing that code NOT just the EGR valve.

They also looked at the oil leak , which is getting worse over the weekend , dropped oil on the house in Devon

so they have cleaned the engine and now looking to see if a rocker cover gasket issue - and if so will replace it

Shame my reader , which works on live mode - cannot see any of these codes !!!!!

they have reset the codes -so wait to see what today brings
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All fixed and sorted
Not only the rocker box gasket
but also the Handbrake cable adjusted
The bonnet release cable had stretched and they also fixed that for us

and at an extremely reasonable price - almost worth driving to Devon to get the car sorted :) :)

Thanks for all the advice and help

Due to family issues taken a while to reply and the car has been driven about 1200 miles in a couple of weeks - and using NO oil - brilliant
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