badgering for more tips (vauxhall meriva oil leaks)

2 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
vauxhall meriva 1.4 2006

hi guys last week we talked about crankshaft rear oil seals. this week i looked at setting about re-doing it only to find the egr valve heavily wet with oil presuming it had come from the rocker i took it off adn found the centre section where the pugs go had oil in it and it shouldnt so ive resealed it new gasket and easy gasket combined which has a notch out to pass leaking oil through. thsi made me wonder is the crank seal really leaking still(replaced previously) and has rocker leak exagerbate the appearnce of a crank seal leak.

so this is what ive done ive used brake cleaner around the wet areas of engine avoiding head gasket, the wet staining areas are below rocker on and aound egr valve and a bit around the exhaust manifold on corner of block near egr valve and what looks to be wet is below the egr valve at head gasket level. however again these areas are wet except for rocker level.

egr description: located on side of head at gear box end
rocker leak side of head on gear box end
oil traces on head gear box end
oil belwo car gear box end below crank seal
oil trace wet stain on top of exhaust manifold that spread on to side of head gear box end.
oil traces runs on bell housing to area affected by crank shaft seal

so as you can see im now thinking leak is top end and leak could be minimal or not worth fixing at crank level. so working ym way down i ask for advice on these areas and for you to correct me if im wrong on my assumptions.

egr valve, coolant(water antfreeze) cooled,part fixes into engine cylinder head, now this part is wet across the top of it and all around where it fixes into head on top it has a cylinder with a electrical connector on it which has some sort of damp aprearance around it where it is corroded.
the rocker leak went onto the egr valve but i sprayed it and cleaned the top of it but couldnt clean mating surfice to head insufficient room cleaned areas now stained again.
so does the egr valve incorporate any engine oil to cool at any point or where it insets into head.

what can cause wetting at ex-manifold gasket at egr valve area

the corroded cylinder section of egr valve is directly above the wet area on egr flat surface area, i doubt thsi has oil in it as it is maybe 1 and half inch and has wires from it, i doubt head as oil would have to blow up and across flat section whereas the c/head is dry above it.

anyone got any tips to finalise what im expected to do to cure oil leak once and for all
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Good job you are in the trade .................

Clean all oil from the engine with whatever you like. Rags air line Fairy Liquid Mr. Muscle ............ you decide. Just don't break anything

Start engine and do not leave the car before finding out, once and for all where the oil is coming from. This might mean taking it for a short run .... whatever. Just don't start listening to the radio and forget why you went for a spin!!
It might take a few hours even a day, but you will have to put it down to experience. Then just fix the leaks as and when you like.

You can use away at the car, because you now know the source of the leak and you can fix as you go.

Good luck
all these oil leaks would point to a crankcase ventilation problem to me, have you examined the breather system at all?
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