Set up Texecom Premier Elite 48 for 2 Areas

31 Dec 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi Fellas,
I have the bench setup for the alarm on the house sussed now (I think) thanks to some really top help from the forum. I originally intended to get the house sorted and then copy the setup with the same panel for the garage and workshops.

Then I thought perhaps it could be done all from the same panel, this would give the big advantage of being able to set the garage from the house keypad(s). I have plenty of cables in place in a duct between the buildings

My System so far is a Texecom 48 Elite, XP8, 2 RKP, 12 Zones over 1 Areas; House (Area A)

I want to expand it to 4 RKP over 16 zones in 2 Areas (12 in A, 4 in B) for to include Garage/Workshops (Area B).
Both House and Garage to have 2 RKP each
Physical Bells are mounted on both House and Garage.
Bell on A is on Bell outputs from Panel with 60 second Delay.
OP1 in Panel is Internal Sounder for A set as “Alarm”.
Propose to use OP2 Panel for Internal Sounder for B set as “Alarm”
Propose to use OP1 in XP8 for Bell on B set as “Bell SAB”
Propose to use OP2 in XP8 for Blaster 127 (at the top of the House gable)

Will be possible to dis-arm/arm area B only from RKP in Area A ?
If both areas are armed and then Area A or B is entered by a user would the entry code disarm both areas or just the one that is entered?
Can it be programmed so that only the Internal sounder and (delayed) Bell go off only for their own area. i.e house bell (Area A) will not ring if Garage (B) is triggered.
Can the blaster be made to go off when either Bell goes?

Sorry for so many questions but at this point I’d just like to know if it looks feasible/practical/possible. I’m sure I’ll run into individual problems along the way which hopefully I’ll trouble shoot with the help from the forum, failing that I guess I’ll revert to 2 Panels.

Thanks for any help or advice you may offer.
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local arming and disarming assigned to the user.

keypad in A user can only arm area A, area in entry is the area that would be disarmed.

starts getting complex so do things a step at a time and make sure they work the way you want, if not just post back with what its doing and what you would like it to do.
If you use local arming you can still arm B by eg code ---- area 2 enter from area A keypad, you can stop the bells by entering your code at keypad A but it won't disarm it. This is how I use my split system and have done for the last 8 years without any issues.
as I said it gets complicated.

from the keypad if the user has local arming and disarming.

1. just code arm, arms the area assigned to the keypad
2. code, select area you can arm all areas that are assigned to the user, areas not assigned to the keypad will arm instantly (few seconds).

3. on entry the entry route will disarm, or if no entry started just the area assigned to the keypad.if no entry has started and you type your code in it will say disarm? press area and yopu can select the areas to disarm as long as the user has access to them

4. however if you type your code in again and scroll down you should get a disarm and you can disarm the other area. Just as long as you user has access to it.

Its flexible, but certain sequences have to be followed depending on how it is programmed, to achieve what you want, not everything is possible that being said.

Most people overlook the disarm of the other area, as normally disarm is the first screen you are presented with, but in the case of local disarm, it only does disarm first on the area in entry or the keypad is assigned to. Scrolling down gives the disarm option and pressing area allows the user to disarm the areas assigned to them.

sorry with the entry started it doesnt present with disarm, it just does it.
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Thanks Guys. I think I follow your tracks. I'll get the extra RKPs etc on order and get on the bench and see how it behaves. For me certainly it's one thing reading it and another thing doing it. I'll come back on this thread if I get stuck. Thanks again.

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