Should i replace outside underground copper water pipe?

Should i replace copper pipe under drive when i re do it?

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18 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom

We are looking at having our drive redone in the spring, (tarmac) and our water supply runs under the drive, last year we replaced the pipe that went into the house to just outside the house with MDPE pipe

The pipe that runs in the soil is copper, with a new boundary box put in by ST, so they have joined on to the copper pipe at the boundary

If you were doing the drive would you go to the effort of replacing this pipe now (been in since the 1960s I think) to stop issues of a leak later when drive is done,

It would only be replacing the pipe that runs under the drive, not the rest of the run.

Or would it be to much effort , if the pipe is unlikely to leak
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conduct your house improvements according to an online poll result.?... what an utterly ridiculous idea.
If I was going to do it, I'd probably upgrade the pipe size at the same time, to get some added benefit of increased flow rate. Assuming your street level mains can supply it.
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It all comes down to pressure/volume of supplied water. If you might have a combi/unvented hot in future then a larger MDPE would be worth doing. Or even run a conduit under the drive that could be dug up @ each end IF needed in the future -2 small patches in the tarmac ? to connect sometime.
You can always mole a new pipe underground without disturbing the drive. If you use the right firm, it'll cost less than digging up a driveway and reinstating it.

Also, you can get insurance for water supply pipes.

Personally, I'd probably lay 32mm MDPE from the street boundary to inside the house, alongside your existing pipe, whilst the drive is dug up. You don't need to connect it up but it's there should you ever need it.
Replace it.
Thanks Everyone for the advice :) i am going to go ahead and do it in the spring.

Now all i have do is avoid the gas pipe, electricity cable and sewer pipe.....

Whilst i am at i am going to put trunking in for virgin media as they are installing round here now, so some green green ducting buried at a decent and access points with a pull cord in it

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