Shower cubicle & woodchip papered ceiling

14 Aug 2007
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United Kingdom
I'm installing a shower cubicle in a room with a woodchip papered ceiling. My intuition tells me that this is not a good combination and I'm not sure what to do about it. Would I get away with painting it with an appropriate paint (eggshell or something similar)?

I'm reluctant to remove the paper because it's in a very old period property and I'm not sure what I would find underneath and how much damage I might do in the process. There are various lumps and bumps in the ceiling which I guess the woodchip paper was designed to conceal.

Alternatively I was thinking of perhaps attaching a small panel to the ceiling directly above the cubicle itself (of wood or backer board) and either painting it or tiling it with mosaic tiles (as I plan to do in the cubicle itself). I'm assuming I'll be able to attach it by screwing through the existing plasterboard into the joists above providing I can locate them. But I'm concerned that moisture might get trapped between the panel and the ceiling and cause problems with mould and decay. Is a ceiling panel a viable option and if so what would be the best way to approach it?... tile adhesive or something similar to avoid any gaps between panel and ceiling?... How easy would it be to tile with mosaic tiles? I've never tiled anything before let alone a ceiling?

Would be very grateful for any suggestions.


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Now looks as if the ceiling consists of plastered chipboard... I thought it was an old lath and plaster affair. Anyway I guess chipboard in a damp environment is not a good idea, so maybe best to remove ceiling entirely and replace with plasterboard?
if it aint lathe/plaster imo rip it down and reboard with 12.5mm p/board(better fire resistant time,you might just have the 9.5mm up there)..

as for the tiling(mosaic)...make sure you get the "preperation" and "adhesive"correct...
Is it your property or you are doing this for someone else? In my own house I would sort the ceiling out properly. In somebody else's - would explain to them the risks and the options.

Anyway, if you are attaching a panel to the ceiling, you can tile it beforehand, I suppose.
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Anyway, if you are attaching a panel to the ceiling, you can tile it beforehand, I suppose.
Tiling overhead is a bad idea, particularly in a steam filled shower area; the weight of tiles you can lay will also be seriously restricted. But you could always wear a hard hat instead of a shower cap I suppose :LOL: .

I'd plasterboard & skim it but if it's only small area, sealing & painting is a cheap option.

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