shower extractor ducting to water tank..?

21 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
Ok not orhodox but idea.

Ceiling based extractor , fan in loft with ducting looking for somewhere to duct exit to.

Cannot punch hole through wall, and access to the eaves is near impossible and very narrow gap constricting the fle xible ducting, can be done but constriction is a concern. Re roofing for an exit tile is a no go.

Looking at the principle of a DIY large scale condensing box.

Thought maybe run the ducting into a bespoke polystyrene lid for a metal cold water tank and at the other end of bespoke lid make a small air exit hole to equalise pressure. Idea such that the steam ducts into the much colder water tank, condenses in the tank on the cold water . Air pressure is relieved via the small hole made in the polystyrne, also dont want to over heat fan through lack of airflow. Tape lid to water tank.

is an idea only and probably aim to mount the fan high up so that the exhaust runs down wards into the tank. Maybe aquaboard better than polystyrene but principle is same.

ideas v welcome.

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It won't work.

You'd need a 4" hole out of your tank if you wanted a 4" fan to actually move any air.

Just use some flat rigid ducting down to the eaves, or install a vent tile. You will not need a reroof just to replace one tile.
If you MUST condense the steam then use a heat exchanger to condense the steam and provide a drain pipe to get the condensed moisture into a drain.

The heat exchanger can be a small finned radiator ( like a car radiator ) plumbed to the cold water tank to pre-warm the water and save water heating costs by a very small amount.

Corrosion of the radiator might be a problem with the polutants that come with the steam from a bath room.

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