Shower mixer - exactly what type of wall fittings to use...

22 Sep 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi, can anyone suggest what I need for this shower:

Normally for a thermostatic mixer I would expect to get a fixing kit, and have the hot and cold 15mm copper protruding through the wall via the fixing kit etc. This particular mixer has two flexible tails, so I need to connect them to some standard male adapters that will be flush to the tiles. These will also need to be quite low profile as I will need to chase the copper pipes into the wall.

Any suggestions?[/img]
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Hi, can anyone suggest what I need for this shower:

A refund from ViccyP?? :)

If they're just female tails with a fibre/rubber washer then a male WP elbow as TT suggests.

that looks the thing...only ones i could see anywhere were female :oops:

Obviously I will be hiding the hot and cold supply behind tiles but presenting these connectors - any suggestion to making this part of it watertight so nothing runs down behind the tiles etc where the pipes are? I am probably not going to want to cover/fill the compression fitting?
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Realistically, no, you don't want to be hiding compression fittings behind a wall, but I don't know of any 15mm soldered wall plate elbows that have a ½" BSPP male tail.

Personally, I would solder inside the wall, chasing the pipework in a little deeper, then solder a small connector on (yorkshire Solder Ring Male Coupler YP3 15mm x ½")

Then again, I don't know what depths you are working with in the wall or any of the other contraints you have.

Having had a little bit of experience in this area, I would always solder your pipework that will be hidden.
What are C2 in MI??

Looks awful like fixings that the tails of the copper would be tightened into, something like these -


How much space is in the back of the shower unit?
doh...Yup :p

Was looking at number 4 and it looks like there's fittings on the end of the tails that weren't on 3, typical ViccyP not to show what they think should be fitted there.
Reading the MI, they skip this step, expecting you to organise the connections on the pipe ends. But realistically, that's not uncommon anyway.
I must admit though, as Ra mentions invariably some type of fixings would be supplied and if not supplied then details included in the MI for a suggested fixing that could be used.

Never used ViccyP, when customers have supplied stuff from them I've found their stuff is usually not the best quality and haven't heard anything good about them. I've found their MI is invariably cryptic at the best of times and have found various parts missing from stuff they've supplied on occasion.

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