Shower seal (and wife) problem

29 Jul 2011
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South Glamorgan
United Kingdom

I'm trying to re-seal an existing shower - where the tiles meet the tray.

There is a gap of 8mm between the shower tray and the bottom tile. I have filed this with sealant, but there is some movement in the floor and the sealant stretches and fails.

I am thinking of putting tile grout in this gap then sealant over the grout. But I am worried that tile grout so near to the shower tray may not be a good idea. Will it crack if the shower tray moves?

Cannot use a seal strip because my wife says so.

Only other idea I've had is to push a narrow plastic strip into the gap then put sealant over the gap- hopefully the plastic strip will stop movement. The plastic strip should be less likely to crack.

any advice?
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8mm between the bottom tile & the tray is ridiculous, no wonder you having problems; 2mm is the norm; I assume you’ve inherited the problem? If the gap is uniform around the tray, your best bet is to try & raise the tray; it may be on adjustable feet. Tile grout it won’t help at all, it will crack & fall out as you have already gathered, a seal strip or the plastic strip idea is much better but still a long shot & will only be temporary.

The fact that the floor is moving is not good at all & suggests that water has got in & the floor supporting the tray is failing or has already failed; is it chipboard? Even low modulus silicone will only accommodate so much movement & if the tray is visibly moving you have a serious problem & whatever you do now is only ever going to be very temporary before a complete rip out & replace is required.

Tell the wife not to interfere in stuff she has no hope of understanding or repair it herself. :LOL:
Cheers mate - I was hoping that the idea of putting sealant over the grout may have helped. I cannot raise the tray without taking the tiles off - which I dont want to do.
I think I'll try a plastic strip....
A moving shower tray isn't a good sign. If your shower's up stairs I would think about ripping it out and starting again, you don't want water rotting the floor joists.
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yes definately not , you do not want a moving tray. If you are starting from scratch you should tank the walls, yes its extra work but worth it, have a look at this site it has a prety handy little animation about the tanking process.
I have used a sealux product before and its very good, you could fit overtile, overtile is not the prettiest but it will waterproof, if you dont want to take off tiles. form v fuction ;) i guess do them at a good price,

might be of some use,
good luck

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