Single skin or double skin front porch - please advise.

13 Apr 2010
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United Kingdom

I have planning permission to build a front porch with external dimensions of 2400mm x 2100mm. I am not allowed anything larger.

Building regs don't apply.

It will be built out of block and then externally rendered.

Now my question is should I build it single skin or build a standard cavity walled double skin with insulation?

The reason I ask this, is that the internal area inside is quite significantly larger if built single skin.

If double skin, the internal area of the porch is 3.24 square metres.

If single skinned, the internal area of the porch will be 4.4 square metres.

Am I being greedy?

Will damp be a big problem?

Is the extra area worth any disadvantages?

What do you think?


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Depends how much room you need, you could do it in single skin and install a plasterboard wall using thermaline boards, that's battened out or insulate using cavity slabs or PIR boards. You will still lose at least 75mm from the wall, so gaining about 75mm if you were to do cavity wall.
If the choice was mine i'd go for cavity wall, do it right from start.
and building regs should apply to everything. Just because they are not inspecting the work does not mean you ignore the regulations.
Thanks for the reply.

Regarding building regs, I mentioned it in case someone said it had to be cavity wall, not because I didn't want to build it well etc...

As much as some regs are a pain, they are generally quite sensible.

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