Sink tap mounting nut is stuck



Hi Everyone, I was replacing the sink taps as they are leaking (an about 40 years old!).

But the sink tap mounting nut is stuck on one of the taps meaning it is imposible to get of...

I've tried a basin wrench and an adjustable wrench, but simply cannot get it to move.

I've also tried tapping it with a hammer to try and work it lose but simply cannot get it to move.

Any ideas are welcome.. else i'll be buying a new sink!

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reading your post I'm guessing you mean a china basin? Or do you mean a kitchen sink?
No matter, I would try bracing the backnut underneath and forcing the spout of the tap away to undo it. Only need a small movement then spin it back and go again - soon you'll get some movement.
Tip - you only need to be able to raise it up a couple of mm to get a hacksaw blade in.

watch out for excess force busting the china, swarf going down into the pipe and also scratching the sink.
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Good luck. A good squirt of wd-40 left overnight might be as effective. Wasn't being picky about it being a basin btw just clarifying. China breaks that's all.
Have you used the correct tool, ie a box spanner?

If this still won't shift, fit the box spanner on the tap nut, and brace the tommy bar that sticks out of the spanner against the wall. Then carefully turn the spout and tap anti-clockwise. You may need something to go over the spout to act as a lever, perhaps large adjustable spanner.

Just be careful with tools near the sink. They break real easy!

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