siphon washer/doughnut washer problem !!! (nothing major)..

1 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
i've posted a few today i am sorry if i am annoying you all!! basically though i fitted a new siphon to my toilet about 2 weeks ago. it was a standard 8" one from b & q. i fitted it using waterpump pliers, etc. the prob is when i flush it hard the lever bangs on the cistern lid a bit. i think the new siphon has a thicker washer that joins the siphon to the base inside of the cistern) than my last one!!! this of course making it do what it does when flushed!! anyone else had this problem? can i just switch the washer for a thinner one of: (1 1/2")? ANother prob I discovered when doing this was the doughnut washer split a little bit when i replaced the siphon. then it leaked through the wing nut holes when flushed. so i tried a new doughnut but this was not fitting (too big)!!! i also bought this from b & q! is there anyway i can get a smaller (thinner) doughnut washer - as b & q only do 1 size:( i had ti use some putty around the crack in the original fitting doughnut to stop the dripping (and it worked after a lot of work)!! but if i change the siphon again for the original problem mentioned, i may have the same problem again with the drippin!!! :( long post sorry! .....
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go to a descent plumbers merchant their are many do-nut washers i know 4 of the top of my head on my van large/small.
as for your banging lid you sure its not the plastic lever on the handle hitting lid as you pull lever down.
yep it is the plastic level that links the handle to the wire link!! how to i stop it! i am sure the washer at the base of the cistern being thicker is causing it!!!!
on that lever is useally about 4 holes if the hook is in the second hole cut the rest of the lever off say after the third hole.
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yep i cut a bit off with a hacksaw at the time, the 1/2" or so before the 1st hole. but the handle cannot go into any other hole !
maybe the new hook is a bit longer than the old one you can shorten them but it will bring the handle up abit outside the cistern.
yep i did put a new handle on the cistern a few years back. it is the same one as i had with the last siphon though so that';s why i think it must be the washer thickness thbat makes it hid the lid!! when i try and put the andle lever in the next hole on the plastic link, it gets in the way of the outlet of the float valve!! so cannot be done really!
thanks seco-just bend the wire link with pliers a little bit (as it was a bit longer than the previous obviously)!! and re-fit it into the plunger spindle! it doesn't hit the lid now!! :D
that deserves a cuppa then


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