Slight leek - help please

22 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi all

We've just had our living room re-plastered, where one of the radiator pipes was slightly disturbed and has caused a very slow drip from the nut on the joint.
It's a combi boiler and i'm not sure how i should approach how to fix it.
I have tightened the nut a little but this hasn't fixed the leek.
Any ideas on how to fix this? Do i need to drain the system?
How do i make a good joint?
The system is new and has new anti-corrosion fluid in it.

Help Please :(
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Thius is a common scenario, laymen tend to forget to support the valve strongly while undoing it to remove rad. The pipe up through floor cannot withstand the forces, resulting in a leak where it is now bent at the olive.

Tightening alone seldom works.

You would at least loose some of your inhibitor because minimum tyhing you have to do now is drain off until the water stops flowing, close drain off. Surround area with absorbent sheets/towels and also water proof ones, undo the nut and apply proprietory paste like Jet Blue, Boss white, wahtever all around the olive, reconnect, nip up, repressurise system, keep niping up until no water forms.

If that fails you need a new section of pipe and probably a full drain down.

Now that your inhibitor has neutralised your cleanser you don't need it anyway. All the manufacturers really care about is that you have a neutral ph the rest is snake oil.

Next time hold the valve fast.
Thank Paul Barker

For your super quick response.
It is partly my fault as i removed the pipe supports to allow the plasterer to gain access behind them, but he caused the leek. (not blaming him cus he's done a fantastic job of the plastering).
I have a friend who's a plumber so i think i'll give him a call.

Thanks Again for you help - very much appreciated.

A "leek" is a vegetable !

Water coming out is a "leak" !

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As it's a new system (& boiler?) I'd be inclined to isolate both of the heating valves at the boiler to eliminate the expansion vessel. Then bleed any air from the rads and you may only lose a couple of ml from the joint. Don't forget to turn off the valve at the other end of the rad before you replace the olive at the business end.
Oh yes all praise for plasterers for doing the one thing they can do well, and we'll all fix the mayhem they leave in their wake. "never had an accident officer, seen a lot in my rear view mirror".

If you first fix some pipes through the wall they just chop them off and plaster over. I've seen one chop all the electrician's first fix work before now. If you stand still too long you'll find yourself integrated with the wall.

Plasterers? Just love 'em the little darlings.

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