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slow draining shower tray

Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by diy_fun_uk, 15 Feb 2021.

  1. diy_fun_uk


    16 Sep 2006
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    United Kingdom
    Here's the situation. Property is on the 6th floor of a high rise. Bathroom sink drains fine. Toilet flushes fine. But the shower tray has never drained quickly, over the few years my mum has lived there it varies from draining reasonably fast to very slow. I've put down drain clearing liquids over the years and sometimes they help, sometimes they don't. Plunger does nothing. I don't want to try and force a drain clearing pipe thing down there as I'd have no way of getting into the pipework if I broke something! Tiled everywhere.

    Part of me suspects the issue lies nearer the main drainage pipework for the block i.e. that'll run down from top to bottom, however I've no way of getting into that either.

    Without doing anything invasive, can you guys think of anything else I can try to get this thing draining more quickly? I usually buy this stuff but I'm wondering if there's something more powerful that is still suitable for plastic pipework?:

    Scotch Corporation Heavy Duty Liquid Drain Opener 1 Litre: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools

    Would the baking soda and vinegar solution be worth a try?
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