Slow leaking back-to-wall toilet, pan connector?

23 May 2007
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United Kingdom

I know people have already posted this problem, and there does not seem to be much in the way of detecting where the leak is coming from because in order to look round the back of the toilet, you have to remove it from the wall, which disconnects the pan connector and sends water everywhere so....

The leak is a slow one.
I held off siliconing the pan down until I could be sure there was no leak.
Because of the above, I can still slide a piece of A4 paper under the pan (Tiled floor is not perfect, so toilet rests on front and back).
This lets me see where the water is coming from (paper changes colour when wet..)

The leak is coming from the front of the toilet (?)

All I can think of is that the pan connector is leaking and the water drip is travelling along the horizontal porcelain outlet to the front of the toilet (this is a guess).

The toilet is a NEW back to wall B&Q Rossini model.
It did not come with its own pan connector.
I went to my local plumbers merchant, and he gave me a 'universal connector' with a reassurance that everyone used this type these days - and they work...

The pan connector did not come with any instructions, so I searched this forum, and most people seem to use plumbers silicone grease on the fitting before putting the connector on (I did this also).

I cannot see if the pan connector is on all the way, without removing the toilet...

I asked the guys at B&Q about pan connectors, who told me if they sell them they'll be on the shelf (WTF?)

I'm discounting a badly glazed toilet for now until all other avenues are exhausted.

Before I do anything else, I will change the pan connector for another one.

What pan connector should I buy?

Are some better then others? (do screwfix sell any good ones?)

You should also note, the following: While I was determining the correct height to set the 4 inch soil pipe in the wall (way before the toilet was fitted) I siliconed the pan connector and placed it into the pipe, then slid the toilet onto the connector to make sure I got the height right. About two weeks passed while I got the bathroom tiled, I then re-siliconed the connector and slid the toilet on. I noticed the white porcelain horizontal outlet had gone black where the pan connector had been connected two weeks prior.

Could it be that the silicone residue left on the porcelain had gone hard resulting in a bad seal when I reseated the toilet?

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Silicon does not go hard, more likely that its not all round the pan connector and when you push it on the dry section buckles slightly and leaks. May be trail and error to get leak free connection , if you have room you could try a flexi connector that concertinas so you can ensure seal at both end before pushing back to wall.
Try to ease the pan away just enough to get a small mirror in. I had to do this once with a brand new back to the wall toilet. Turned out the pan was cracked. If you're going to remove it to change the pan connector try to set up some way of catching the water and try flushing it. If it doesn't leak then you know for definite it ain't the pan. Had one from B&Q once. Within minutes of fitting and testing water was dripping through the ceiling. Thought I'd put a screw through a pipe. Turned off water and ripped out loo and floor. No pipes. Blinking cracked pan. Aaaarrrgghhh!

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