Toilet Pan connector



I have had a problem with my toilet leaking and have found the problem - the pan connector.

I binned the old pan connector and replaced it with this one from tool station:

This connector still leaks and so i wondered is there something special i can get to stop this toilet from leaking.

The outlet is in the floor and so this connector fits perfectly well and doesn't need to be cut at all.

Because the connector goes out the back and downwards at 90 degrees the water is obviously being pushed backwards a bit and so forces its way out of the connector on the underside.

Is there any sealant i could use or do i just need another connector ?
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You should be perfectly ok with this one.....I would suspect that the connector is being stressed a little - maybe its a little long or the outlet angle isn't quite right.
John :)
That maybe the case.

The outlet in the ground goes downwards at an angle.

I have taken a photo and the toilet is now leaking permanently down the back. The overflow is not being used, so i just dont know where the water is coming from.

This is such a pain to get sorted. The cistern is not leaking (which was where i first thought it was leaking from last week).

Any ideas ?

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Aye, that ones not the most comfortable.....look at the McAlpine website and you'll see a choice of three 90 deg flexible connectors - one short, one long and one with an extra sink inlet. One of those would suit you well.
John :)
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It is out of alignment. It's not surprising there's a leak. You could do with something like a McAlpine WC-CONQ.

Thanks for the heads up on that one. 3rd time lucky will hopefully sort it out.
A better solution might be a bent flexi as suggested by Burnerman:

This is also wrong:
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It goes into a ring-seal socket. It should go into pipe.
It's probably not forming an effective seal.
Yes but i cannot change that at the moment.

I do intend on digging up my lead pipe which will come into the toilet just to the left of the soil outlet, so all this area will be excavated eventually. I will be able to have a look when all that happens.
You don't have to change it, just put a piece of soil pipe in the socket and cut it off flush.

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