Smart meter display, and instructions on use.

27 Jan 2008
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Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
United Kingdom
It seems this is my display one would have thought instructions would have come with it, rather than have to hunt for them on the internet, however there seems to be some options not available to all.

I found feet slide off, giving access to a battery carrier, however fitted 3 AAA batteries and unplugged USB and it switched off. So 1708093486332.png there is a guide clearly in my case the gas is blank, as we don't have gas, this half of the display 1708093718755.png does alert me when exporting, so I can switch on washing machine or tumble drier, however most of the time it flits between two screens Monitor import.jpgMonitor export 1.jpg both telling me it is neither importing or exporting so clearly power is going in or out of battery, so I have no idea what items or running or not looking at the display, only from around 8 pm to 10 am does it show any useful info, once the battery has discharged. The
is never not lit, so that is a bit useless. Likely due to not having gas.

The bit 1708094524088.pngcircled in red is missing, so seems no wifi module fitted, history 1708095050644.png does not show export, so rather useless. Most on the info in the manual seems to be for pre-payment customers. It seems to me to be a waste of space in the main. Had to have smart meter fitted to get money for energy fed into the grid, but as far as I can work out, the remote display does not even show the meter reading unless in prepayment mode 1708095821994.png so to get a meter reading I still need to go outside and down a set of steps into the garage which has been turned into a flat to read it. I did expect a little more, OK the solar panel software shows me all I need to know, 1708096124116.pnghovering the mouse over it shows me what was going on at any point, I can go back to the date solar panels were fitted, so don't really need the info from the smart meter monitor. However I did expect a similar display from the smart meter. And also expected to be able to view from my PC.

Surely I must be missing something? What is the point of the smart meter, other than save the company employing a man to read the meter.
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I have an Octopus supplied smart meter and the IHD is very good giving quite a lot of information. I also have a Geo Trio IHD which was supplied by Drayton for the Insights+ service, I find the Geo to be very basic as an IHD and doesn’t provide much info at all.
Since I have solar, don't need the IHD (I assume that means in house display) however I looked at the solar which shows 1708101130207.png Import to user 4.1 kWh but IHD shows 3.67 kWh, 1708101433682.png so the two don't match. Clearly happy to go by the smart meter display as it is less, but the display is under the TV and during the day is repeatedly swapping from import to export and is rather distracting.

It would require me to go down to flat to actually read meters, I do have a smart meter and an export meter, although the latter has never been used.

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