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22 Nov 2016
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United Kingdom
So looking to get my house a bit more automated.

I have Hive active heating with Hive active lights around the house. But i don't like the hive plugs that they do. I don't like the plug in ones and ideally want a smart sockets that replace the old sockets. But I don't seem to find one.

So I am thinking about getting the SONOFF type WiFi switches that you can get, as they also seem to give you the option to monitor the power usage individually.

Currently will be doing a big rebuild and all cabling will be replaced as they are 1930s cables which some have started to break down.

The issue with the SONOFF is that they will not work with ring circuits , so will need to convert to radial circuits.

It is not a big house. it is a bungalow with about 90sq m floor area. and upstairs is Dormer converted.

I am thinking aboud doing the following:

1) There are 3 bedrooms upstairs. There will be 3 separate radial circuits from the main CU using 2.5m cables. Each room will have max 5 twin sockets.

2) 1 circuit for all the lighting upstairs using 1m cables. All lights will be LED.

3) Kitchen will be ring main using 2.5m and no SONOFF on that circuit.

4) 1 circuit for all downstairs lights

5) 2 radial circuits for downtairs sockets ( 2 different areas).

i know for radial it is recommended to use 4m cable, but as I am dividing into smaller areas, with maximum 8 sockets on each circuit downstairs, will I be ok to use 2.5m cables?

The home network will be provided by a pair of Cisco 2960 POE switches, a Cisco WLC controller and a Cisco ASA for the internet monitoring.

Any thoughts?
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Add a kill switch so when the house tries to destroy you it can be easily switched off :cautious:

On a serious note let us know how you get on, I have been slowly adding automated plugs and stuff which are great but come with problems of being unresponsive and stuff at times.
Which plugs do you use? I just don't like the plugs becuase they are far too big and stick out.

There was a system they had on gadget show, but can't find it now! Grrrr! That was a replacement socket which was neat!
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yep those are the ones!

I thought they worked off the cloud instead of a local hub. and at £70 a pop for a 2G socket, it will be just short of £3k for just the sockets! Ouch! But they are neat and as you say like the way the rocker moves!

They need to make the selection a bit wider though. Only white plastic at the moment!
Which plugs do you use? I just don't like the plugs becuase they are far too big and stick out.

There was a system they had on gadget show, but can't find it now! Grrrr! That was a replacement socket which was neat!

TP-Link HS100s - links to Alexa. Majority of time good but has the strop some time.
What about a very deep backbox and a sonoff basic behind?
I used energenie, I would not say good, they did not monitor usage and a maximum of three timed events, after that needed IFTTT, and power loss means they turn off and stay off. Clearly not what is wanted for fridge or freezer.

The plug in version could monitor, but again default is off.

This is the main problem, default for all I have seen is off, I had time turn off/on three times a day so maximum off around 8 hours, but still too long for freezer.

So turning off whole circuits not a good idea, be it TV recorder, or door bell, there are loads of items we don't want to switch off. The real question is why do you want to remotely control sockets? In my case it was to help look after my mother, the council installed an alarm to alert us when mother went on walk about, however the alarm was fitted upstairs so we would wake up, however if we were down stairs and some one came to door, we had to go upstairs to cancel it. Tried using a plug in remote control, however the problem was either if it did not activate or we forgot, then mum could get out without us knowing, so the socket with both remote control and timer reduced unmonitored time should it for any reason not be switched back on. I now turns my bedroom lights on/off.

If you can find one with default on, then maybe you can use on a whole radial, but clearly if you turn the radial supplying the router off, then no way to turn it back on.

When I looked at the socket after my mothers death at first I had no use for it.

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