Smart tv

1 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
I've recently bought a JVC smart tv, (obviously much smarter than me) the problem is I can't get it connected to the internet, On the tv is says no wifi dongle detected, I bought one for the tv, but then thinking maybe its faulty I used the one from the laptop as I know this works, same result, i know the wifi works on the room where the tv is, as it works on the phone and laptop.
I looked through the tv manual and it says the SSID needs to be visible, I have a BT Hub 3, could anyone direct me to where I can check if its visible or not, But in simple terms for a simpleton,
Many thanks Matt
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Some smart tv's required own brand dongles to work [not sure about JVC].
Is ethernet connection viable [if only to check all is working].
SSID refers to the name the hub gives out, your unique name which will be what you see on phone and laptop when you first connected them.
When you connect to your wifi from a laptop or a phone, can you search for wifi and find yours, named something like bthub3-f20c ?

If so, the ssid is visible
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