Smoking Ban...

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I started at 11. Well, it was The 70s and virtually compulsory then.

Finally came to my senses and gave up at 21.

When an old mate of mine had a heart attack (and subsequently, a quadruple bypass), the consultant questioned his notes.

"It says in your notes that you have been smoking for 40 yrs".

"I have, yes."

"But it also says that you're 48 yrs of age."

"Yes; I started smoking when I was 8."

:ROFLMAO: :oops:
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Feel free to disagree with any of my statements.

If you want to drive a car, you need a driving licence

If you want to own a gun, you need a gun licence.

If you don't want to smoke, you don't need a fags licence.

Incidentally, since fags cause premature wrinkling, thickening and yellowing of the skin, and tooth loss, smokers are not easily confused with young people.
Same goes for drinking alcohol. Same goes for eating hamburgers. Same goes for eating sweets and biscuits. Putting sugar in tea. All cause disease and people who will use the NHS and the NHS is overwhelmed, which kills people.

Shall we ban all these things?

Supposing there's a man. He works and pays his way in life. He has served his country. He abides by the law. He likes to have a smoke some times of an evening on his walk or out in the garden with a beer. Are you seriously suggesting that you would you go up to him and tell him he shouldn't be doing it and that you want to snatch the smokes out of his hand and destroy them? Only if you are a total idiot, an interfering mincer, and somebody who wants to have his face stoved in.

And that's the rub. People need to have freedoms and to be left alone to do as they please. It can't all be ban ban ban in life. People won't tolerate it and it isn't conducive to a working and harmonious social order. If you were a sufficiently wise and educated person you would understand this bigger picture. As it is, you sound like somebody whose thinking patterns haven't changed since they were 16.
Nonsense. Food and drink are essential for human survival. we can not exist without food and drink.
The human race could thrive without harmful tobacco products.
I had a mate step in front of a train. His family said it was the whacky backy that sent his mentle health left.
In my village a few years ago a guy got depressed and put his head on the railway line, but when the train came it was on the other track. The following day somebody dropped a timetable through his letter box.
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What proportion of smokers are killed instantly or disabled the way drivers in accidents are?
What has that to do with it? Transport is indispensable, and people have died in accidents even before cars came along - kicked by horses, drowned in canals, etc.
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