Soak away come back to life?

29 Oct 2019
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United Kingdom
Need some advice. About a month ago we discovered that my soakaway was not soaking away so I got the treatment plant emptied. I had a blockage above the treatment plant that sent excess water into the system when it was cleared and must have pumped some solid stuff into the outlet pipe. We had it jetted but it appear to still not soaking away.

I really looked after the water usage while I got quotes for a new one and dates... the upshot was no water went down to the soakaway for about three - four weeks.

When the water reached the outlet pipe I was about to call the company in for another empty when I noticed it was draining away as usual. I assumed it was just filling the 10m of piping to the soakaway but a week later it is still working.

I did notice that after the whole family had showers in the morning the water line was about 1 inch up into the outlet pipe but a few hours later it had drained away so perhaps not as efficient as it should.

Can anyone recommend a treatment that might help get rid of the sludge to get it back working efficiently or am I looking at a slow decline and the new soakaway is the only way to go?
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Did you put the soak away in, do you know how it was built?

From past experience, once they're fooked, they're fooked.

Not always a big job to repair/reinstate/extend
Hi, it was built about 10 years ago and we are somewhat land locked. The solution will cost about £6k from the quotes I have as I will need to create a new system where there are lots of bushes that will need to be dug up etc.
As the soakaway level is always where it should be in the morning (so far) I saw some products called Regenerate Drain Field for less than £30... but you think a waste of money?
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Hmmm. £30 v £6k. I’d give it a go at least!
Yes, when you put it like that it does sound like a no-brainer. The work was due to commence on 20 November but they appear open to let me wait to see how efficient the soakaway is so I will give it a go.
Thanks for you help! If any experts are in the Surrey area, let me know.

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