Solid concrete and thermal block question

Cadbury's Cream eggs are available in lots of places, but its not standard to use them in a soufflé.
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That comparison makes so little sense.
So hang on you're saying you should use those 150mm cavity lintels for some other job than when a 150mm lintel is needed.
Where are you using your 150mm cavity lintels? I know where you can stick one if you need a recommendation :D

On a more serious note, give it a couple of years and the next bout of part L changes and 150mm will become the minimum size cavity unless we start using aerogel.
However Kingspan has just come up with a new lower lambda insulation so maybe the technology will be able to keep up and you can keep your 100mm cavity drawings.
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Nothing 'non standard' about a 150mm cavity, just ask any lender or building control. Which is what you said it was 'Non-standard'.

Just the same as the Denby Dale 300mm cavity were also not of 'Non-standard' construction.

But you already know what I meant and you're just being argumentative for argument's sake which I get and will also follow suit :p.
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At the risk of dragging this thread back on topic :) can I just clarify something, as I am still awaiting planning consent so the building regs plans are not yet finalised :)

Just like Pilsbury I am planning a block built cavity construction. In my case it will be a 2 storey building, with a double garage at ground level and an art studio (for the good lady wife) on the list floor. I understand the ground level garage doesn't have to comply with insulation requirements but the 1st floor studio does.

I am planning to build the garage with both the inner and outer leaf in dense concrete block (100mm none insulated cavity) so that the inner leaf will stand up to the abuse of me throwing my hammer at it when things are not going to plan on whatever I am fixing :)

The first floor studio, I plan to build with dense concrete block on the outside leaf and thermalite block on the inside leaf with an insulated 100mm cavity. The inner thermalite leaf of the studio will then have plasterboard/skimmed walls, mainly for aesthetic.

So, is this (Dense Concrete Block / 100mm Cavity / Dense Concrete Block) below a (Dense Concrete Block / 100mm insulated Cavity / Thermalite Block) the correct way to go?
I just thought I'd resurrect this post for a laugh, now that 150mm cavities are considered standard.
How far through the “changeover” are we? I’ve not done any work under BR for a couple of years and this has come about since then. All work starting now, new builds extensions set out for 150mm full full cavity? Must take a bit of getting used to

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