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Some tips on installing traditional stairs

Discussion in 'Floors, Stairs and Lofts' started by kaseryn, 17 Jan 2021.

  1. kaseryn


    1 Jul 2006
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    United Kingdom
    I had my first experience of this last year and got there in the end but am sure there are a lot of ways to make the process easier and quicker. In that setup i was installing to a corner so had two sides inaccessible which mattered when we found we couldn't get the strings to close at the corner (the foreman had made us just throw it up basically in a rush). This was a Staircraft mdf package with two flights and winders. For the second string join where the wall was open i was able to screw through which made all the difference. Although mitred and doweled the strings needed that solid fix to close up. So i'm probably going to have some more of these on my next job but will be on my own putting them up and will have 3 sides enclosed. These'll be oak with two flights, not sure if there's winders. If there are and being on my own ..

    Is it always/generally best policy to start from the top flight down?
    Having assembled the main flights and given the space restrictions whats the best way of getting (possibly included) winding sections assembled insitu? If for instance, working down.. you only add the corner kite and newels, is it a given that you'd be able to get the winding treads in from behind, or does it just depend on the layout?
    With curved strings whats the best temporary support while assembling?

    Prob lots i not thought of, just after a few pointers cheers.
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