Sony STR DN1000 AV receiver - setup issues

9 Feb 2010
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United Kingdom
I have a Sony STR DN1000 AV receiver, Sony Z-series TV, Sky + HD and a Sony Blu-Ray player. Just wired all together and been through the AV manual to do set up. Broadly works okay, except...

I have to turn the AV Receiver on before all other devices. If not, I get sound but only a black screen on the TV. Any idea why?

If I use the Blu Ray, turn it off and try to watch Sky, I get the Sky sound but only a black screen again (sometimes the picture flicks on for half a second every few seconds but that's all).

When either of the above happen the only solution is to turn all power off and start again (turning the AV receiver on first).

I am using HDMI interconnects and digital optical cables.

Any help appreciated!
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This sounds like HDMI/HDCP handshake issues. If that is the case then what's happening is that the information exchange between the source (Sky/BD) and the display isn't being refreshed when you switch sources.

Have a look at your amp manual and search for any options to do with HDMI set up. You're looking to change the HDMI scaling (if it has it) to Pass Through.

It's also worth doing a firmware update on your Sky box. They are know to have issues with HDMI.

Here's what to do.

1) Switch the box off at the mains. [Don't switch off by pulling the power cable at the back. It's not a clean switch)
2) Pull the viewing card.
3) Push and hold in the backup button on the front panel whist switching the mains back on. Keep the backup button held in for 25-30 seconds. If your TV is on you'll see an information screen telling you that the firmware is being updated. The update takes about 10 minutes.
4) Once the update is done the box will switch itself to standby. Switch off again at the mains, then put the power back on. It will take a minute or so for the box to reboot before the green light can be switched on. Go put the kettle on
5) Switch the box on with the remote and flick through the channels until you get an onscreen prompt to put in yur Sky viewing card. At this point your update is complete.

Trouble shooting... If your card isn't recognised then do a power off/power on cycle like before. Time for another cup of tea
wow ..! you certainly know your stuff..did the update and all seems to be working as it should...Will do some more tests tonight but all seems good..many thanks Al
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On a related note I had the HDCP problem with a V+ box last year... Every few seconds the TV would momentarily lose HDCP key. Again, unplugging the box from the mains for a few seconds sorted it. :idea:

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