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25 Sep 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have an old Sony Blu-ray CD player without any Bluetooth option.
Somehow I am not able to connect it to my TV using HDMI / Socket for audio.
Can someone suggest how I connect both to utilise the system ?
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I presume you've got picture from the Blu-ray player? If so, audio should follow. It is embedded as part of the signal that carries picture. You can't have one without the other.

Things will be a bit different though if you're just trying to play it 'audio only' and trying to use the TV as just a speaker. It's not entirely clear from your post if that's what you're trying to do. I'll explain more about that later though.

Any reason for no sound is most likely a settings issue, either on the player or on the TV, but it could be both. We'll start with the player.

The main item here is in the sound menu. Your menus may not be exactly the same, but in general you're going into the player Settings menu, then stepping through to the Digital Audio Output menu. The correct option here is PCM. This will ensure that whatever disc is being played, the sound is in a format that's the most widely compatible.


To be honest, just by making this one change, it should cure any compatibility issues because of signal format. The rest of the settings that could get in the way would be on the TV itself.

TV connections and settings

The basic physical connection
- As HDMI carries both picture and sound, there shouldn't be any need to connect extra cables for audio. If you have done this, then it could be part of the reason why there's a sound issue. All you need is a single HDMI lead from the player to the TV.

The rest of these suggestions relate to the audio/sound menus on the TV. Since you haven't mentioned the make and model of the TV, any advice is going to be a bit generic, so some of it may not apply to your particular TV set.

HDMI Input: This lists the 2/3/4 HDMI inputs and it gives the option to toggle between Digital and Analogue for each. The idea here is that the TV can be compatible with a form of digital video called DVI where sound is sent by separate audio leads. (DVI itself doesn't carry sound.) Changing the TV menu for the specific HDMI input from digital to analogue disables sound via HDMI. Setting the menu selection back to Digital restores audio via HDMI.

TV Speaker Setting:
Here the audio from the TV can be sent to the TV speakers, or wired/BT headphones, or muted completely. Setting the menu selection back to TV Speakers restores audio from any source.

Speaker Selection:
This menu directs sound to either the TV speakers or an external audio system such as a sound bar or surround kit. Setting the menu selection back to TV restores audio from any source.

If this hasn't solved the issue then reply with (#1) full make & model details for the TV and Blu-ray player plus any other gear such as a sound bar that might be connected. (#2) How you have things wired up. Is it just a HDMI cable or something else too, and if so, what? Where have you made connections, which sockets? (#3) What type of disc you're trying to play: commercial CD, commercial DVD/Blu-ray, home ripped audio files burned to disc (MP3 or some other file format?) disc, and then (#4) what exactly is it that you're doing and what result are you expecting.

Good luck.

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