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27 Jan 2008
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Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
United Kingdom
Looking for a Christmas present for my wife I selected a Sony Blu-ray player BDP-S370/S373 since we did not have blu-ray.

The box showed all sorts of features but on reading the instructions it keeps referring to following on screen menu and that are not too helpful.

The way it referred to “BD live” and needing a USB memory stick we had expected to be able to record but it seems that is not the case.

But reason for this is to ask about “Playing files on a DLNA server” now I will admit I don’t know what a “DLNA server” is but I have connected the unit to my switch which also has two large hard drives, a few USB sticks, a internet connected router and up to 5 PC’s. I had expected to be able to play the films on the hard drive without needing to transfer them onto a memory stick has anyone managed to do this?

Also first time I have used HDMI (to TV) and I also have phono leads connecting it to my Hard-drive/DVD reader/writer. However when I turn off the TV the Blu-ray player also switches off. I have to remove the HDMI plug then switch it back on again and select the program TV to Hard-drive to Blu-ray to record stuff then with HDMI unplugged I can turn off TV. Don’t really want to do that is there a work around?

Rather disappointed with Internet bit thought I could have gone to but not found how to as yet. Also big splash on box “Does not need PC” but only way to en-role to some services seems to be by using PC!

Any ideas?

Since original post I have managed to get the Maxtor drive seen by the Sony player the drive still not seen. With Maxtor can play music but all other files fail even though if I put them on a USB stick they work will not play.
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Sony is very good at doing the "vague suggestions of features" thing

BD-Live needs somewhere to store the files on the player when content is downloaded from the net. That's why the USB memory stick is required

DNLA - it's a standard; and it's all about making it easier for TVs, BD players, NAS drives, PCs, Digital Recorders & PVRS, Streamers etc to talk to each other and share information. It's trying to make content sharing a plug'n'play experience.

One or more of your PCs might already be enabled as DNLA server. If not have a look at this link about turning on the feature. LINKY

The Blu-ray player switching off when the TV is turned off... That's something called CEC which is how HDMI does a similar thing to SCART control. Have a lok for a section in your manual that talks about Control for HDMI If you turn it off then the TV and Blu-ray should stay on or off independently.

Bravia Internet TV / Sony Internet Video... You might need to do a bit of setting up before you can access all the services, but you should have access to BBC iPlayer and YouTube to check that the feature is working.

Catchup TV does need registration first. TBH, I can't see the point in watching a lower quality streamed version of TV via a Blu-Ray player on to a TV that already has a perfectly good Freeview tuner and perhaps Sky connected as well ;)

As for "no PC required" well that's true, once you've registered and logged in for those services that need it.
Thank you for help.
DNLA seems to work with the Maxtor hard drive lucky I already have films on that drive. After some reading seems I had to go to Shared Folders Management and Enable Media Server.

The Freecom drive is a problem I can't find out how to set it up. I could use as a USB drive and plug it into the Maxtor but would prefer it to be independent.

Bravia Internet TV / Sony Internet Video my freeveiw is rubbish and for the most part all TV is watched from the Sky+ box. Did have free to air box but kids have taken them. There is the odd time where I am recording two programs that having internet TV like catch up (already registered) would be handy. Of course can do without. BBCi Player and a few others do come up. Although some it seems need payment and the MAC address has to be registered.

All this and to date not played a single blu-ray disk. Bought my wife one but she does not fancy watching it yet and I would not dare remove wrapper.

Down loaded a program called serviio which allows desk top to be seen but as yet says no playable programs.

PS just found where to add folders so may now work! Well now tested and it does work.

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