Space-saving door ideas

they are likely to fail in a kids room sooner rather than later if they are boisterous kids
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It will be behind a bed? Then divide the cupboard into two or three sections with separate doors. Only the bottom one will interfere with the bed; put things you use most rarely in there.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I really appreciate it because this conundrum has had me scratching my head since last week.

Bi-fold and double pivoting doors look great but unfortunately not enough space. Dividing the cupboard into sections was briefly a contender but once I looked at it in person I realised quite a chunk of the cupboard would be inaccessible (as no longer able to reach into it from above with the cupboard door open). Moving the door to the side also seemed like a brilliant solution until we looked and realised it would only leave us with an opening about half the width of a person.

So we're now looking at having a door which opens normally but starts above the height of bedding. And then the section under it will be blocked off by a panel of wood at the front, below the door. However it'll still be accessible (albeit with some faff) by reaching into it from above.

Not the most elegant of solutions but we've hit a brick wall!
Could the bottom section be hinged from the bottom so you will have more 'lean in' access.

The hinge could allow opening enough to reach in when the top is open and have a catch to stop it opening too far.

With the door already raised in shouldn't be too big a panel at the bottom
You could fit a sliding door, on drawer rails rather than track so it side into room.
Great idea about the hinged bottom section matlob, thank you! This would make it more accessible than just a solid unmovable panel, and like you say it shouldn't be too big a chunk.

In a bigger room a sliding door would work foxhole but as this room is so tiny I don't think there'd be space. It's not shown in my pictures but the door to the room opens right where the cupboard door would need to slide to. I think this would lead to lots of bashed doors and accidents unfortunately.

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