Speed Humps

masona said:
Round the corner from me they're taking out the old speed hump because they are too high (not allow to be over 100mm (?) according to the EU so I've been told :rolleyes: ) so now we have a nice 1m x 1m square lower speed hump and you can't feel a thing when driven over :LOL: What the point eh?

Probably because some company with perhaps links to council member(s) somewhere along the line gets our dosh for putting the things in place up to £1k or so per item ... nuff to give you the hump !
We are the cash cows of Euroland...
:D :D
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I was following a chavmobile fiesta the other day that had been lowered. We got to a road where there is a series or those square-shaped humps that you can straddle and not really have to slow down, but not when you only have 4 or 5 inches ground clearance. This kid had to slow down to about 5 mph and drive over the humps with nearside wheels in the gutter and offside wheels over the middle of the hump. It made me laugh so I didn't mind the delay but there was a queue behind me after a while.
I wonder how he gets on when he gets to a normal hump, he probably asks his girlfriend to get out of the car to lighten the load a little. :D
I think the narrow / square humps are known as 'speed cushions'. The idea is to slow down cars whilst allowing buses, lorries, etc. to continue unaffected.

Anyone know when the first speed humps were introduced? I saw one in 'Poirot' last night, the episode was supposed to have been set in 1938/39.
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