Speedfit Monobloc hose kit leaking at tap

10 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
I am trying to connect a Franke monobloc kitchen tap (Zurich); the instructions say that the copper tubes only need hand tightening. Because of the complexity of the existing pipework under the sink, I thought it would be easier to use flexible tails, so bought a JG Speedfit 15mm X M12 Monobloc hose kit and have tried using that instead of the copper tails.

I have tightened the Speedfit connections into the tap, using the spanner flats fitted, but it leaks at the tap base, even on the low-pressure hot-water supply.

Have I got a faulty hose kit - or is there anything else that should be done? Constructive suggestions welcome.
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check the rubber o rings are seated properly, as they can pop out if you overtighten them and then damages them.
Thanks seco services - the O-rings appear to be sound, although one of them appears to be a looser fit than the other one. I've swapped the O-rings between fittings - it looks as if one of the fittings is oversize.

Can one get packs of O-rings of different sizes, or is it better to return the kit and try with a replacement one?

[Incidentally, I've jury-rigged the cold supply to a Franke copper tail and that doesn't leak with the copper tail hand-tight.]
Final update (I hope.) The good news is that Screwfix took back the Monobloc hose kit and refunded without question. I've managed a work-around using elbows and flexible hose connectors which may not be neat but seems to work. The bad news is that it's another "quick" job that took a couple of days instead of an hour.

The straightforward JG Speedfit items seem to be working, and are handy where there is little space to work in. I don't know whether anyone else has had any problems with the JG Monobloc hose kit?
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£11.73 :eek:

only ever used the 88883-98 or 77106-98 @£3.42.

But those are compression fittings, not Speedfit. There was no room for me to wield a spanner, and the "professional" who fitted the previous tap had used Hepworth pushfit (hence my earlier post about removing them in a confined space. I used Speedfit because of earlier postings suggesting that they were the best (most user-friendly) pushfit kit easily available.

[When you are an amateur, sometimes a few quid extra is worth it when set against knuckles, time, blood pressure etc.]

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