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10 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
I've been asked to replace a fused spur, and on inspection the double socket the fuse spur is fed from only has a single incoming cable, this socket also feeds some other retrofitted double sockets. The mcb is 32 amps and has 2 cables feeding it. I've refused to change the fused spur, because without taking the decking up in the loft I have no idea how its wired.

The property is a bungalow and I have a suspicion that the ring is run in the loft and single cables are run down the walls from it (which logically seems fine unless, loads of extra sockets are added).

I've explained the problem (I'm actually doing some carpentry for the client and don't want to get involved), and suggested they get someone in to take a look, but I'm also tempted to suggest the following options as possibilities - running the extended sockets (to the next original socket thus remaking the ring), or changing the mcb's from 32s to 20. There isn't much equipment in the house, the washing machine, fridge, kettle, dishwasher e.t.c. are all fed either by a 20 amp kitchen circuit or a 20 amp garage/outhouse circuit.

Would it be acceptable to swap the mcb over to a 20, giving the cable extra protection and therefore not needing any immediate additional work?

The chap who did the work, an LEB guy, died a number of years ago, but was a family friend so the clients are sure he wouldn't have done anything dangerous.........

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arctic said:
... I have no idea how its wired.

...Would it be acceptable to swap the mcb over to a 20, giving the cable extra protection and therefore not needing any immediate additional work?

Not if you have no idea how it's wired. This really needs to be properly investigated before any changes are made.
Thanks for the reply, I know it was originally wired as a ring, and has had additions.

The wiring in the CU is very very tidy, so I'm assuming the original installer (probably 20 years ago) did a good job.

Downrating the mcb's can only improve safety so surely is worth looking at as a first step?

I'll second what Dingbat said.

Get it properly investigated, inspected and tested.

If a safety device MCB is changed to a different value by you or the client then there will be a change in the characteristics of that cct and considering install is 20 yrs old it won't comply to newers regs in terms of earthing arrangements, bonding etc.
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Thanks, I've tried this in the past with clients who have needed sparks in.

I often work in different areas so don't have connections with sparks and end up phoning the niceic reg ones in the yellow pages. I'm not yet seen a sparks test and inspect an install to the regs...

I did the 2381 a couple of years ago and the niceic testing and inspection course, but decided I don't want to get heavily involved with electrical work.

Anyone know of a good sparks in the Croydon area?

This specific property has recently been converted to pme tn c-s supply by the supplier and has water and gas bonding in place, the sockets have had sheathing put on all the earth wires.

I'm getting off the tools (start new job in a couple of weeks) and won't be able to oversee what they have done, so don't want them to get ripped off.

Thanks again for the responses.

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