Stairs to Hell???

20 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

Stairs question......

We have a wall, which, when plastered will cover part of the edge of the stairs(from halfway up only, basically where the next floor starts), and this prevents us from having any sort of balustrade that looks OK on the open side of the staircase. Personally I can deal with this, no kids and not planning on selling soon so can't see it will be too much of a problem. However, at the top of the stairs there is a gap to the hallway which is approximately 1metre that needs a balustrade. Is it OK to fix the balustrade to the single skin internal wall, or should we have some sort of wood from floor to ceiling to screw into to give extra strength??
Hope that makes sense! :eek:


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I think it's great that no-one in your house drinks alcohol, is ever ill, or ever get up half-asleep or in the dark during a power cut or to investigate a strange noise.

I'm disappointed that you don't have visitors, though.
Gee, well thanks for the concern.
Please do bear in mind that the house is pretty inhospitable at the moment, we yet to have the floors levelled, walls plastered, windows fixed, etc...... I could go on, but why?? :) We live in one room upstairs
We do get ill,drink, get up to hear strange noises, which is why i would appreciate ANY help that anyone could pass, I would like to get this completed, before I do end up killing myself, having fallen off the stairs in a druken stupor, trying to guess what the noise was that I heard, when I woke myself up by sneezing!

So..... to clarify, my question is ...
For a landing balustrade, how should it be attached to the wall. To ensure that is doesn't fall apart if someone has the misfortune to land upon it. is straight into the edge of a single skin wall ok (with strong wall plugs!), or should I be going for something stronger, like wood from floor to ceiling attached to joists??

Many Thanks to anyone who has an idea.

It should be either into the wall (in the old days a nail banged through and bricked around before rendering) or motised and tennoned into what is called ahalf newel which is exactly that half a newel post attached to the wall. You will probably find you will have to fit the balaustrade to the half newel then fit the other end into the newel at the top of the stairs then wiggle it into place and fit the half newel to the wall. though to be honest a good long screw in at an angle into the wall will probably be sufficient for such a small run.
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Thanks for the advice, further to your comments,I will carry on and get this wall plastered and then attach a half newel.

Many Thanks

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