starter motor

3 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
i have a transit connect and for the last 2 weeks have had trouble starting it. when im turning it over im just getting a click sound ,sometimes it would start 1st time sometimes it would take several atempts then it wouldnt start at all except with a push start .bought a brand new starter motor and fitted but still not starting cleaned connections including earths,have got 27volts at battery terminals and starter motor terminals . :(
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27 volts: does your vehicle have a 24v system?

Have you tested the battery under load to check the cranking capacity? Has your checking of the connections included the battery terminal connections?
12v.......perhaps had multi meter on wrong setting but results were same at battery and starter motor terminals
may have had multimeter on wrong setting but results were same at battery and starter motor terminals
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You can have a voltage present without having any power to turn the starter motor. What happens if you use jump leads from another vehicle?
Stick a voltmeter across the battery terminals...with the battery at rest, say overnight, look for around 12.5v. Position said meter where you can see it, and crank the engine over. If the voltage drops below 10v then the battery is past its best. With the engine running, expect to see around 14.4v with headlamps on. Check for security of any fusible links where the battery cables join the battery...under the drivers seat on many models. As you have a new starter, presumably this included a solenoid too. Go over any earth connections, from battery to body, and from engine / gearbox to body also. Cheers John