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Support above existing opening for extension pitched roof

Discussion in 'Building' started by NoWorries, 14 Sep 2021.

  1. NoWorries


    14 Sep 2021
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    United Kingdom
    Hi all, we purchased a doer upper around two years ago and have visited this board often to seek advice/reassurance. I find myself in need of specific guidance this time round so have registered. Now I have taken the plunge I suspect I could be posting often!

    So, to this particular issue. We have an existing single storey flat roof extension on the rear of our property approx 3 metre long and 2 metre wide (projects from the house). The entrance to said extension was formed by removing an existing door and side window, about 1.8M span. Now, not surprisingly for this place, we find the flat roof is in poor shape, rotten in corners and leaking. We could just repair and recover but the whole timber structure is such a bodge we will probably rip it all off and start again. We are thinking of making it a tiled pitched cold roof and while we are at it put in a couple of Velux windows to make a proper job of it. The existing opening to the extension has a concrete lintel on the inner leaf and angled steel plate on the outer leaf. The angled steel has a horizontal leg 50mm so only half the brick width is supported. I don't know how wide the vertical leg is as the inner leaf concrete lintel butts right upto it but can only assume it is at least 50mm to match the horizontal leg and it is about 5mm thick.

    My question, finally. I am concerned this 'angle iron' may not be strong enough to support the existing load and the new pitched roof with two veluxes. My plan is run the rafters to a wall plate above the existing opening and to just under the second floor window. Although the existing opening is 1.8m wide there is approx 0.5M of wall one side and 1M wall the other. Would this angled steel be adequate? Would the load be a triangle load and dissipate down the walls to the side of the opening? Are my concerns well founded or would the extra load be minimal?

    All advice gratefully and respectfully received.
    opening.jpg steel.jpg steel_2.jpg above_opening.jpg steel_pad.jpg
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