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4 Nov 2006
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I've had a search of the forum but couldnt find the exact answer to the question I have:

When running SWA from consumer unit to garage, how is it presented at the house end?

do you drill through the exterior wall and take the SWA through to an internally mounted junction box and then T&E to the CU?


can you terminate in a plastic/waterproof exterior box on the outside wall, drill through the exterior wall and pass T&E from this junction box to the CU?

all advise appreciated

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Is there room to fit some galv trunking along the top length of the CU ??
( making sure the cover still comes off ! :LOL: ) if there is, the armoured cable could be glanded into it, (and maybe your existing circ's could also go into it to make a nice tidy job !) only a thought, but I hope it helps.

After re-reading your post, maybe it is only a small single swa you need to terminate, in this case I personally would bring the cable through the wall, then, gland it off into a galv adaptable box, leaving the tails long so that you can 'bush and coupler' the box to the CU and take your tails straight thru the box and into your CU, no joint needed ! :LOL:
You have to terminate it in a metal box so you can get the earth off the banjo.

If the metal box is inside the house it will be protected from the weather so it won't go rusty or fill up with rainwater.

If you try to terminate SWA in a plastic box or CU it will tend to bend or tear the plastic.
Eddie, John, thanx...both give some food for thought.

The reason I ask, was last time I went through the wall with SWA it was a pain to get it to lay flush as it came out the exit hole (you cant bend it 90 degrees).

So could I terminate in a metal box outside? (and weatherproof that in some way?)

just trying to figure out what the other kids usually do ;)
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no, you bring the cable in, put a metal box under the cu, an terminate it in that
best way if possible is to come in underground and then come up inside but this may not be feasible depending on how the houses foundations are done. for wooden buildings you can do this very easilly and i'd stronly reccomend it.

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