Taking single coat of paint off a fence

27 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom

Moved into a new house and half of the fence is still just the treated wood colour, and the other half has been painted, very poorly and only one coat.

I want to try and restore the painted half of the fence back to the original treated wood colour, is there a way to do this? I was thinking powerwasher but that could become a messy job and end up looking patchy, plus I have to take into account the neighbours on the other side who painted their side also.
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If it's a stain-type treatment I'd have thought you would have no chance of getting it completely off. If it's some kind of gloss or something you might be able to try scraping it off, but I would have thought it would still leave a mess.
I expect it is not "paint"

It is probably a water-based waxy fence stain.

A power jetwasher will get it off. You may have to hold the nozzle quite close. The dirty waste will spray into your neighbour's garden so consult them first and offer to clean up afterwards.
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As JohnD above but be careful as depending on the type of fence, with a jet wash you will be lucky for the neighbours side to remain unscathed ie some paint may come off their side not just make a mess. And remember that you need your neighbours permission to touch it.
I dont think Jet wash is going to be the answer then as I will prob end up painting the neighbours side again. Dont know why people incist on paint this coloured stuff on a treated fence, especially a bring orange looking colour!

Anyother suggestions, I really dont want to re paint it one of these colours as once you start thats you for years and years

Anything that would colour it back to its treated wood colour
More paint! :D

Or try the jetwash in a discreet area, might be ok, this stuff sometimes almost falls off like burnt skin!
I may have to settle for just painting it another colour and leave it spilt 50/50 colour/natural trated.

The way the fence is it is in 2 sections so could prob get away with that, one stretch is about 6m thats the natural treated and the other section meets it and runs the other way maybe only 4 m of the coloured.

No way I am painting a 10m fenece every year or so, 4m ok I can live with that
Or maybe your neighbour wouldn't mind going back to original too .....

I think the neighour has painted other sides of fences in there garden the same colour, plus it is rented so I would guess not, or I would have to do it!

So the colour is autum gold or somthing, looks orange to me. Anyone know of a colour that could match as close as possible to the natural treated look

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